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Adding Tools to Process Steps

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The steps you outline in a Sales or Prospecting Process don't have to be simple check boxes. By adding tools or details to steps you can help salespeople to discover important information, offer the tools to carry out an activity and become more productive as they work through a sales project or prospecting campaign. 

For example, a step can automatically load an email template to be sent to a contact, offer up options to choose from in a dropdown list, or prompt you to upload an important document.

More complex tools can also be applied, such as creating Playbooks, Scorecards and Qualifiers, which can really add depth to your process. 

Walkthrough video of how to add steps to a process


How to add Tools and Details to Steps

Adding tools or details to a step in the process gives you extra functionality to steps, and prompts the sales person to add information or carry out a task. Read on to learn about the options available and how to add them to a step.

  1. From the process editor, click on the step you wish to add functionality to, and click on the +Add Details/Tools button to the right of the box
  2. You are offered the list of options below.  From here, you can select which tool you want to add to the step.  If you're not sure of which tool you want to add, or what the name of a custom field is, you can search for it in the search bar at the top.
  3. Add one or multiple tools to the step, so the salesperson can add lots of details or carry out more than one task within one single step.
    The example below shows a step with 3 tools added: a text field to describe the Project, a dropdown list to pick the severity of the current situation, and an appointment created to have an exploration call with the customer.

Which tool should I add?

Tools are broken down into 4 categories - Details, Stakeholders, Actions and Other


Adding a custom field to your process will prompt the salesperson to add details relevant to the following areas:

  • Sales Project Field - information that is relevant to the Sales Project itself (eg. competitors you're up against, customers requirements, expected delivery date etc)
  • Company Field - information that applies to the Company level (e.g. Industry, Annual Revenue etc)
  • Stakeholder/Contact Field - information specific to the Stakeholder or contact (eg. Main Contacts TimeZone or Decision Makers Title)

Once you've decided at which level the data should be stored, you can either select a field that already exists or create a new field. These tools are then presented in the process in the form of a single or multi-select list, a numeric field, a date field or simply a text field, plus lots more options. 

  1. Select the field you want to add to the step, or create a new custom fieldSelect_custom_field_in_process.PNG
  2. Select the field or fields you would like to add to the step.

    Pro tips! Fields that are already used in the step are greyed out. Or hover over a field and click on the pen icon to view or edit the field from this view

OR Create a new field by clicking on the New Custom Field link in the top right corner of the list. To learn more about Custom Fields, read Creating Custom Fields


This option prompts you to add information about Stakeholders to the Sales Project or Prospect.  This information appears in the Middle "Who" box. 

  • Stakeholder - Add a contact to this sales project or prospect with some importance
  • Attitude and Influence - Assign attitude and influence to a stakeholder about this specific sales project or prospect


  1. Click "New Stakeholder"
  2. Choose the Role from the drop-down list you wish to use for the 1st Stakeholder
  3. Click save

    Repeat steps 1 and 2 above until you have added all the Roles for Stakeholders relevant to your sales process. Read more to learn all you need to know about Stakeholders and Roles in Membrain.

Influence and Attitude

Documenting who the key players or stakeholders are in a Prospect or Sales Project is of course important.  But what about their influence on the decision process?  Or their overall attitude towards the project? Add these questions to a step in the process and track the Stakeholders Influence and Attitude in one simple step. 

  1. Select the Stakeholders that you wish to track the influence and attitude of
  2. Add as many Stakeholders so the salesperson is prompted for each on within the step


Options here add actionable items to steps to help streamline the workflow for sales people and aid them with the task at hand. Options available are:

  • Create Appointment - Create appointments and send invites to attendees
  • Send an Email - Send an email to a contact 
  • Call -  Call a contact or add some notes about a phonecall you had
  • Upload a document - Upload a file to the Sales Project

Create Appointment

Choose this option if you would like this step to prompt you to create an appointment and perhaps send invites to your contacts, in order to complete the step.  

  1. Select the activity type you want this step to default to from the drop-down list
  2. Click Save
     Click here to learn more about activity types.

Send Email 

This option allows you to send an email or email template from a step. As a salesperson, clicking on this step will automatically open a new blank email, or a predefined email template with your predefined text, any attachments included and even the recipients pre-selected.

  1. Email Template - Leave as none if you want to prompt to create a blank email, or select from the list of templates to automatically load the relevant template.
  2. Activity Type - Leave as Automatic if you would like Membrain to use the default activity type, or select from the dropdown list the most relevant for this step
  3. Send to - Leave as No Recipients if you would like to add the recipient manually, otherwise specify the stakeholder you would like to include from the project, or add a specific email address e.g. an internal stakeholder.

You must have Membrain's email client enabled to use this feature. To learn more about this, click here


This option prompts the salesperson to make a call to a contact related to this sales project. If you have a softphone app installed on your computer, you can configure Membrain to connect to that and make the phone call from within Membrain.

If you choose to make the call via your own landline phone or cell phone, you can simply make some notes about the conversation itself. 

  1. Who to Call - Leave this as Any Contact if you would like to decide who to call when completing the step.  
  2. Activity Type - Leave as Automatic if you would like Membrain to use the default activity type, or select from the dropdown list the most relevant for this step


This option prompts the salesperson to upload a file to the process.  This file is then visible within the step itself and also in the Documents area below the Participants area.



The tools available here are more complex, adding depth to your sales or prospecting process.  Choose from:


Playbooks in Membrain give you even more power to control and dynamically change your sales processes based on conditions you specify, which are relevant to your business. Learn how to create your first playbook here 


Adding importance to particularly important steps in a process generates an alert to indicate that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. These alerts come in the form of a blue puzzle piece, a yellow flag or a red flag and can be customized to trigger after a specified time.  


Learn more about Adding importance to Steps 


Qualifiers can be used in both Sales Projects and Prospects, but often for different reasons. They can identify potential problems in sales projects before they become an issue, or help you filter out Prospects that might not be worth pursuing and to pinpoint the ones that have potential. Learn more about Qualifiers here.

Assigned Step

Introducing Assigned Steps to your sales process is a great way to manage sign-offs before moving to the next stage, or passing the baton to a colleague in a sales project. It works by ensuring that a particular step can only be completed by a specific person/people or by someone with a particular role. This could be a sales manager, coach of an individual or a colleague in another department.  As long as they have access to Membrain, you can assign steps to them.

Learn how to set up Assigned steps here