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Disqualifying Prospects

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Disqualifying a prospect doesn't have to mean the end of the road for this potential business opportunity. There may be reasons why the prospect wasn't ready at that moment to be qualified. Or perhaps you feel you could give it another shot in the future.

Based on the reasons why you disqualify, you can set up rules and workflows to help you circle back when the time is right, and try again.

What happens when you disqualify a prospect?

If a prospect did not match your criteria for allowing it into your pipeline, you select the disqualify button on the Prospect Page and add the reason why you chose to disqualify it in the drop-down list presented.

2 things can now happen.

  1. It can simply be listed as Disqualified. Disqualified prospects can be reactivated to be dealt with at any time in the future

  2. An Automated Event can be set up to handle what happens to disqualified prospects. You can snooze this prospect or move it to a different prospecting campaign, ready to be dealt with by another team, at another time or using a different set of qualifying questions.
  • click disqualify
  • choose the reason why you're disqualifying the prospect (this will set the automated event into action)
  • if your prospect is snoozed it will be moved to the bottom of the list, until the time comes when you have set it to be worked on again
  • OR
  • if your prospect moves to a different prospecting campaign, it will appear there along with all the historical information that has previously been recorded.
  • The contact name does not follow on, and is now blank in order for you to select the relevant contact for this new attempt