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Using Membrain's Product Database allows you to track, manage and report on individual items which are sold as part of a Sales Project. 

"Products" is a database in Membrain where you can build a list of items or offerings you sell to your clients. This can be anything from Products, Services, Consultancy or whatever your company offers. Let's take a closer look.

How Products Work

When you use Products in your Sales Process, you can break down the overall value of the Sales Project into individual items with payment term, price and quantity details. 

This is how a sample list of products looks like in a Sales Project:

A helpful summary on the right-hand side gives you an overview of the Sales Project, with all the elements that make up the revenue associated with this Sales Project.

The option is also available to choose if you would like the total revenue update the Sales Project Value itself, by using the toggle at the bottom.

Setting up Products

Setting up your Products Database is easy. Before you get started adding items to your Products List, you need to ensure the following:

  • Your company's Membrain account includes the Sales Analytics+ Module, which turns on the Products capabilities
  • Products is turned on in your Process Settings. This is found in the top toolbar of the Sales Process editor.  Learn more about Process Settings

Creating your Product List

You're now ready to start adding items to your Product List. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to System Setup
  2. Under the Sales Projects subheading, click on Products
  3. Click on the New Product button in the top right 
  4. A new window appears where you can add all the information about the product or item you are adding. These options are explained with some more detail below:
    Name - The name of the product or item you are adding
    Description - Enter more details about this Product, if you wish
    Quantity - How many items you are selling

    Price - Option 1. Recurring
    Set the Pricing Payment type to Recurring if you want to manage multiple payments spread out over a specified payment term.
    Price - Enter the estimated price of the product, individual payments can be amended at a later date.
    Currency - select the currency you wish to set this price at
    Frequency -
    enter how often you expect to receive revenue, in months
     - the length of time you expect to receive payments


    Price - Option 2. Fixed
    Set the Pricing Payment option to Fixed if the item will be paid in full at a set date.
    Price - Enter the estimated price of the product, individual payments can be amended at a later date.
    Term length 
    - the length of time you expect to receive payments
  5. Once you've entered all the information, click Save.  

Continue to add Products to build up your database of products you sell, so you can add them to Sales Projects, as needed. 

Further information

Learn how to manage and maintain the list of Products using the Products List View and learn how to use this feature by Adding Products to a Sales Project