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Mentions are something that are widely used in the world of social media, a quick and effective way to get someones attention in a sea of information.  In Membrain, it works the same and it can be very powerful both for collaboration and coaching for Sales Projects or Prospecting.

How does it work?

  1. Open a Task, Appointment or find an item in the Activity Stream you would like to comment on, or mention a colleague
  2. Click on the Comment button below the entry to begin your comment
    By default, the person that created the activity is automatically tagged in the comment 
  3. If you want others to be notified, use the @ sign to tag someone else Eg. @name (no space between the @sign and the name)
  4. Type your comment and hit Add Comment

Your comment will be added to the activity, and if you've mentioned a colleague or multiple colleagues, they will get an alert about the comment in via email and also immediately in Membrain Guide



  • Ask your Coach/Manager for advice in a Task you've been assigned to
  • Follow up with the person you've assigned a Task to and ask them for an update
  • Ask a colleague if they are interested in joining an appointment with you, before you sending them an official invite.

Some other examples of where keeping the conversation in Membrain is very useful

  • Let's say an opportunity has stalled and you're not sure where to take it next.  Reach out and ask for advice from your Coach or a colleague about what he or she did to overcome a similar challenge.  Find the latest event in the Activity Stream and comment on it, and mention the person you want to reach.
  • Ask a team member how an important meeting with a prospect went.  Keep the conversation flowing right there from the appointment event, where others can read and even join in with the discussion.