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Slack Integration - Set up

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The integration between Slack and Membrain is a great way to help communication between teams who use Membrain.

But what's really great about this Slack integration is it also keeps those who are not actively involved in Sales up-to-date on events and milestones within the Sales and Prospecting area of the business.


How it Works

The Slack integration connects Membrain to your Slack workspace and allows you to send notifications via Slack, using Membrain's Automated Events

Here's an example of how you can use Slack to notify anyone in your organization about important Membrain events, as they happen.



Membrain Admins can set up the Slack integration in just a few simple steps:

  1. From your profile picture (bottom left), click on System Setup
  2. Scroll down to the Integrations area and click on the Slack integration toolSlack_integration_tool.JPG
  3. Click on Not Integrated, and then Authenticate to Slack to start the wizard
  4. This step authenticates Membrain to your Slack account.
    - If you're already logged into Slack, Membrain will automatically find your Slack workspace and ask you to authorize Membrain to connect to your Slack account.
    - If you're not logged in you can search for your workspace in the top corner and then authorize to allow Membrain to connect to your Slack account. 
  5. And you're done!


Set up some Slack Notifications 

Now its time to get started and set up some notifications from Membrain to Slack. Administrators of Membrain can do this by adding an Event in the Sales Process editor or Prospecting Campaign editor.  

Learn how to create an Event which sends to Slack in this article here Automated Events

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Send a congratulatory update to colleagues when a Sales Project has been won!
  • Notify the Finance channel when an "Agreement Signed" step in a Sales Project is completed
  • Alert the Customer Success channel when a Sales Project generates a red flag
  • Inform the Marketing channel when a "Demo required" step in the Sales Project is completed
  • Notify the Sales channel when a Prospect has been converted to a Sales Project