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What is a CRM Account

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Not everyone on the team may need Membrains full capabilities. So if you don't get the full value, why do vendors charge you the same for everyone using the tool?
These "CRM Accounts" are a bit more limited but can do all sorts of interesting things!

All your users are not salespeople, but they may be instrumental as operational teammates. CRM assistants, technical resources, project managers, and others may get a CRM license.

These accounts can't:

Manage, win or archive sales projects, change sales project information or progress the sales process
Create, qualify or disqualify prospects
Be an admin, account manager, a coach for a sales team or have sales goals
Have access to analytical tools or receive the weekly pipeline health report email
Import/export information or do batch changes in the database
However, they absolutely can:
Have access to all CRM information in companies, contacts, and deal information on prospects and sales projects
Edit CRM information such as contact details, or company information
Use Membrain's task management tools, calendar capabilities including sharing and syncing their calendar with the sales team and creating notes
Send emails using templates and snippets, email tracking, Membrain Meet, and many other productivity boosters
Use the mobile app Membrain Go
Use Membrain comments to coordinate and collaborate with the sales team in every single deal and account
Complete sales process steps needing their expertise that are specifically assigned to them. A huge team-selling win!