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Once content has been uploaded to the Content Hub, and contexts have been set linking it to the relevant criteria, it's simply a matter of using these resources to help you become more efficient and effective in how you sell.

This article will go through some examples of how you can benefit from using the Content Hub. If you haven't added any content yet, read this article first Get Started with the Content Hub

Finding and Using Content 

You can find, view, read, watch or share content from lots of different places in Membrain. But there are two main starting points for how you wish to use your content. 

  • Content is always accessible from the main Content Hub area, regardless of where you are in Membrain. From here you can search for specific content, or use filters to help you find what you're looking for based on its context.
  • Or, let Membrain do the work for you and offer up intelligent recommendations to content throughout Membrain, right when you need it and in the context that you are in. Just create an email to someone, for example, and relevant content will be suggested.

Accessing Content from the Content Hub main view

  1. Click on the Content Hub icon from the Main Menu. or hit H on your keyboard to jump straight there.
  2. You will be brought straight to the Main Content Hub view. Already, this view has been filtered to show content that is relevant to where you are in Membrain.

    Though you can also search for any piece of Sales Collateral or Sales Enablement that has been added to the Content Hub.  

  3. Find the Content you need - there are a few ways to do this:

    - Use the search function to find specific content if you know what you're looking for
    - Expand and Select relevant contexts in the left Menu to narrow your search
    - Swipe from right to left to browse all your content and select what you need
    Collateral content (for sharing externally) is highlighted in Yellow
    Enablement content (for internal use) is highlighted in Teal 
  4. Put the Content you need to good use

    - Hover over a content piece for quick options to Share or View (Remember you can only share Sales Collateral Content)
    - Right click for further options
    Share via Email - choose this option if you want to share this piece directly to a contact using email.
    Preview as Shared - Lets you look at content before you share it externally.
    Add/Remove from Favorites - set content as a favorite to increase its score and chances of being recommended. Also adds the content to the Favorites subcategory in the Content Hub main area.
    Set Contexts - Allows you to add or edit contexts
    Archive - Archive a content piece so it does not show up in any recommendations again. It will however still be included in any Analysis or Insight Graphs
    Delete - Delete a piece from the Content Hub totally removes it and any historical information.
    Details - From here you can edit the specifics of the content piece, including changing the type of content it is (collateral vs enablement), change the thumbnail image, or add a comment to a piece of content.

Using Content from Membrains Recommendations

The more intuitive way to use resources from the Content Hub is to take Membrain's recommendations and view or share content which is offered to you right throughout Membrain.

Based on what context you've added to your content, Membrain will offer recommended Collateral Content and Enablement Content which is relevant to where you are in the sales cycle, right when you need it.

There are endless opportunities to use your content in this way. Here are some examples of how you can benefit from using the Content Hub.

Sending Email

Example - Sending a follow-up email to a client after a first meeting.

After the first meeting with a new potential client who is interested in what I am offering, I want to send an email to follow up and send some collateral to support my proposition.

I can either choose to create a new email and add the content I want, or select a Template which already has some content included in it. Learn how to add Content to an Email Template

This contact has the role of Decision Maker in the Sales Project, and the Project itself is in the first stage of the sales process. Based on this information, Membrain recommends Sales Collateral that would be beneficial to share with this contact and displays it in the right column.

I just click on the resources I want to share, and they are included instantly in my email.   


But that's not all. The Content Hub also offers Sales Enablement content to help me in my efforts to fully understand what I need to do or know at this point in the sales process.  

Here, it's recommending I read up on product comparison information, specifically for 2 competitors. These Enablement pieces are suggested to me based on what context has been set for these content pieces. It also takes into account what is known about this particular contact and Company (i.e. the competitors they are interested in).   

Other Activities

You can also access content from other areas in Membrain such as when you're creating Appointments or making Phonecalls. 

Membrain will recommend content for you when creating these types of activities, and offer up helpful enablement content, to guide you through your companies workflow you as you carry out these tasks.