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Template and Snippet Management

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Templates and Snippets are great for ensuring a common high standard across the team when communicating with your customer base.

But that library of email templates and snippets can grow quickly, especially if everybody's keen to add their own version of a template or personalize their own snippets.

Maintenance and Analysis

You can now Analize these in a Central Management Area, to keep on top of what's being used, and who has access to which Template or Snippet in your organization.

You can also edit Templates or Snippets from this view. Click on the name to edit things like:

  • The name or subject of the Template or Snippet
  • Edit the contents of the Template itself, add attachments, insert personalizations etc.
  • Who it is Available to: both Viewable By and Editable By




Where do I find Template and Snippet Managment

To find these Management Areas:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture (bottom left)
  2. Click on System Setup
  3. Select either Template Management or Snippet Management on the left-hand side



Only administrators of Membrain can see the Central Template and Snippet Management Areas

Configuring your list

Click on the Cog Wheel to the right of the first column to configure the list and add columns you are interested in seeing details about.

From this dialogue box, you can select new columns to view, reorder them on the right-hand side, or delete as required.

  • Choose fields by ticking the boxes in the left column beside the fields you want to see in your list. 
  • Reorder the fields you have chosen by dragging them up or down the list to the right-hand side.
  • Delete fields by clicking on the x to the right of each column
  • Once you're happy with your choices, you can resize each column by hovering between each column header until a line with arrows appears, and drag left or right
  • Or rearrange columns by hovering on a column header until you see theHandle.PNGicon appear beside it and drag/drop it left or right to where you want it.