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Creating your own Sales Goals

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Goal setting is important for an organization to grow and achieve success. Administrators or Sales Leaders can create Team-based goals or Individual goals, or even use a combination of both.

But it is also possible for you as an individual to create your own goals, edit existing goals as you see fit, and track them in real-time to monitor your own performance and goal attainment.  

How do I create my own goals

First of all, you need to have the correct User Permissions in order to edit or create your goals, which are applied by a Membrain Administrator.  

Edit existing or create new goals

  1. click on your Profile Pic (bottom left) and go to My Settings 
  2. Select the option for Goals

  3. click on the Open Goals Button 
  4. From here, you can select which type of goal you would like to add or edit. Choose between Sales Goals, Effectiveness Objectives or Activity Goals.
    Learn all you need to know about Goal Setting in Membrain with step-by-step instructions and videos to help you get started.


How do I track my progress?

Once you have some goals set, you will see your progress in a visual bar chart format, as shown below.

Each goal is represented by a bar, with each goal shown by the blue line located on the bar itself.  The date the goal reflects is also shown, along with which sales process or prospecting campaign that the goal refers to.

Other information shown here includes your overall quota attainment, win rate, sales cycle length and average deal size for the current Fiscal Year. Arrows up or down indicate that its increasing or decreasing compared to the previous Fiscal Year.