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Prospecting Campaign Settings

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For each Prospecting Campaign you setup and configure, there are certain settings that are campaign wide.  These settings are managed by an administrator and are explained below.

Where can I edit Campaign Settings?

Administrators can set Campaign settings from the process editor.  To do this go to:

  1. System Setup - Prospecting Campaign List
  2. Scroll down and click on the Campaign you want to edit
  3. Click on the Campaign Settings option up the top of the screenProspect_editor_menu.png

  4. Use the toggle buttons to turn on or off the options available

What do Campaign Settings cover?

There are 2 distinct areas covered in Campaign Settings. 

  • Enabling/Disabling Features within a campaign, and
  • Configuring what data is visible when hovering or previewing a Prospect in various views throughout Membrain.

Enabling/Disabling Features

Process settings affect a range of features that you can enable or disable for each campaign. Use the Toggle button to turn on or off a feature. 


Below is a detailed description of the options available, with links to further information on the feature itself.

  •  Dynamic Campaign
    Turning on the Dynamic Campaign option allows Salespeople to add additional steps to a prospect on the fly. They can simply click to add a step that they feel is needed at any stage of the prospect, allowing them full control of how each individual prospect should be managed. Learn more about Dynamic Campaigns

  • Use Attitude & Influence
    Turning on the Stakeholders Attitude and Influence option allows Salespeople manage Stakeholders in a more complex way within the Prospecting Process. Learn more about Stakeholders Influence and Attitude


Customizing Hover information

Configuring the details shown here, just below the toggles above, gives you control over which data fields are visible when you hover over Sales Projects in various areas throughout Membrain.


  • Click on Add Fields to select any Custom Field which is used in the Process
  • Rearrange the list by clicking on the handle to the left and dragging and dropping, placing the object in the order you would like them to be viewed.  
  • Once you're happy with your selections, remember to Publish your process to apply the settings.Preview_Properties.png

Hovers and previews

Hovers are now customized to your liking, and visible in the Active Pipeline, Sales Project and Prospect List views, and in other areas like the Company Page, Dashboard Graph drill-downs, and Win/Loss Analysis Views.

Prospect View mceclip0.png

Company PageCompany_view_2.PNG