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If you use the same phrases over and over again in your communication with your clients, snippets are the way to go. These snippets are simply short sentences, or even small paragraphs that you tend to use often, which can be saved and then reused when needed - saving you a bunch of time.  

Some examples:

1. Introducing yourself in an email  "Hi there, my name is John and I am the Sales Manager here at Novaburst Inc.

2. Sending information in an appointment invite "Here is a brief agenda that I am proposing for our first meeting"

Creating Snippets

Creating Snippets is easy using Membrains New Snippet Creator.


While in the email editor:

  1. Click on the insert snippet iconsnippet_icon_cropped.jpgin the formatting toolbar.
  2. Click on New Snippet (top right) From here you can name the Snippet, make it available to just you (me) or everyone. 
  3. Start typing your snippet. You can also insert personalizations here to target individuals when you use this snippet, just like in Templates.
  4. Once you're happy with your snippet, click save. It will now be available for you or your team to select from the snippet list.


Using Snippets

There are two areas where Snippets can come in very handy - writing emails and creating appointments.

Email - When creating a new email, click on the " insert snippet icon in the formatting toolbar. Select the snippet you would like to use  and it will appear in your email. Continue composing your email, and send as normal.



Appointments - While you're creating an appointment, you can add a snippet to the details of the appointment itself. Perhaps a simple agenda or practical details about the meeting itself might be useful to add here using Snippets.




Editing and copying Snippets

To edit or make a copy of a preexisting snippet, just hover of the snippet name in the snippet list until you see the pen icon and click on it. This brings you into the snippet editor where you can make your changes and save the original, save a new version with a new name, or delete the snippet.



Membrain Admins can see and manage all snippets from the admin area of Membrain - System Setup - Email Snippets. Learn more in this article Template and Snippet Managment.