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Batch emailing multiple Prospects

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Sending a well-written email to multiple prospects is a great timesaving way to deliver your message to leads and potential clients. And using Membrain's batch email features along with email templates, snippets and content from the Content Hub helps sales teams communicate with a unified, professional language every time.

You can create email templates to target specific industries, contacts with similar requirements, or even certain stakeholders, and then customize your email using personalizing placeholders.  Choose whether to include these emails in your prospecting campaigns for a time-saving workflow, or simply send multiple emails on the fly when you want to do a targeted out reach.

Step by Step guide

Depending on what you want to achieve, or how you like to work, there are a number of different ways to send multiple emails to Prospects. Here are some examples:

Send an email template to a select few contacts

This is a quick and easy way to communicate with a number of contacts on the fly.

  1. Go to the Prospect List view from the main menubinoculars.PNG
  2. Use the quick filters at the top to narrow down the list of prospects in the list (specific campaign etc), if needed
  3. Click on the box to the left of each prospect you want to reach out to
    Power user tip! Want to select a group of contact in a row quickly? Hold down the Shift Key and click on the top contact and the bottom contact to select everything in between.
  4. Once you've selected the relevant contacts, click on the Send Email button at the bottom of the page. Send_Email_option_Prospects.PNG
  5. If you're using Stakeholders in your Campaign, you will be offered to select just those contacts with a specific Stakeholder Role. Select the relevant Stakeholders, or select all if you want to include everyone related to the Prospect. Other contacts are contacts in the Prospect that do not have a specific Stakeholder role. If you're not sure, you can edit the recipient list before you send
  6. Click Compose Email and review your list of recipients and delete or add any that you feel are suitable. In some cases, you may see the number of recipients that will be contacted as less than what is shown in the list above. This happens if you have one contact with more than one Stakeholder role in a Prospect.
    The example here shows this scenario, where actually only 7 contacts will be emailed.  2 of these contacts are marked as both Sales Leader AND Researcher.
  7. Finally, compose your email or select an email template you want and click Send. Learn how to create powerful email templates and watch a short video 

Send an email to a targeted recipient list

If you want to get specific and send an email to a more targeted list of recipients, you can use the same steps above, with some additional steps.

For example, Prospects who have a specific competitor or are interested in a certain product or service according to the information you have gathered during your research or previous communications.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above
  2. Apply a filter to pinpoint the prospects that are relevant in this reach out.  Learn how to create filters here and watch a short video
  3. Once you are happy your list includes all the Prospects you want to reach out to, click on the box to the left of the column headers to select all the Prospects in the whole list.
  4. Continue as above to compose an email or load a template and send to your recipient list.

What is a "Unique" email

When you send out a mass email and use an email template, you will in fact send out a unique email to each recipient with personalizations included giving a personal touch.

Personalizations are added during the creation of the email template and act as a placeholder which will automatically populate with specific information from Membrain before the email is sent. Examples of personalizations are Recipient First Name, Recipient Company Name, Sender Full Name, Signature etc.

When emailing a group of recipients using personalizations, it's important to understand the difference between the BCC and Unique options for sending

  • When using email templates and personalizations, the default will always be set to unique, unless you're sending to just one person. Unique recipients will not see each other's email addresses, nor the personalized information related to anyone else
  • BCC cannot be used for personalization at all and should be used mostly to keep a colleague or similar up to date, and you don't want the main recipient to see that you're adding that recipient.

Tracking engagement

Once you've sent your email to your chosen group of people, you will soon start to see engagement information rolling into Membrain to let you know if the email has been read, or any links or Content included from the Content Hub has been opened.

You will see this information in multiple places, outlined below:

  • In Membrain Guide on the right-hand side, notifications will appear instantly on opened and clicked links
  • In the Activity Stream, on the email itself.  Just below the email, you will see two engagement icons. Hovering over these will tell you if and when the email was read or links clicked.
  • In the Sent Insights area of the Sales Inbox.  Here you can see lots of information about all of the emails you have sent, with visualizations to give you an overview of how your emails are being engaged with. 
In order to track how your contacts engage with your emails, you must ensure that you have tracking turned on. Do this from the My Settings - Email settings and check the box to enable email tracking. Or read this article on Email setup for full details.


Before you decide to use Membrain to send out a batch email, it is worth noting that it is not designed as a Mass Emailing tool. Membrain is a Sales Enablement Platform with some batch emailing capabilities to allow you to send a number of targeted emails to save time and help you communicate and send relevant information to a handpicked, select audience.

We therefore recommend no more than approximately 200 emails should be sent at any one time. This also ensures that spam ratings will not be negatively affected, and you will get the best possible delivery rates and tracking information in return.

If you would like any further advice on the above, please contact us at where we are happy to advise further.