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Create Zoom online meetings

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Creating online meetings can be tiresome, especially if you tend to meet a lot of people. So we've made this task a breeze with the Membrain Zoom Integration, available on all Membrain Tiers.  

Creating an online Zoom meeting and adding the details to your Membrain appointment is something that can be done with one simple click. This saves you time an effort, allowing you to focus on whats really important - your meeting!

How it works

If you don't already have one, you need to create a Zoom account to start using this feature.  Then, when creating an appointment in Membrain, a small Zoom icon Zoom_icon.pngappears in the bottom right corner of the meeting contents box. Clicking here automatically creates a Zoom meeting, taking all the settings you have chosen (subject, date and time), and pasting them into your appointment in Membrain. You can then send invites to the participants of the meeting, which includes the url link to the Zoom meeting itself, along with all the other meeting details.

Creating a Zoom meeting

  1. Create the appointment as you usually would and add details such as related company/sales project/prospect, participants in the meeting, date and time etc.
  2. Click back to the meeting contents and add your own text you wish to include (agenda or meeting goals)
  3. Click on the Zoom icon Zoom_icon.png to create the meeting (according to the date and time you have just selected) and add the Zoom meeting details to your appointment.
  4. Finally, click to send invites to the participants, along with all the Zoom meeting details they need to connect to the meeting.


Membrain Meet

An additional feature of using the Zoom integration goes even further and allows your contacts to create a Zoom meeting while they're booking a time in your Membrain Meet Calendar.

This option is added once you turn on the Zoom integration, and can be turned on or off in your Membrain Meet settings. 



Turn on the Zoom integration and start using this great feature today:

  1. Go to the Profile area of Membrain (bottom left)
  2. Click on My Settings
  3. Scroll down to Integrations, and click on Add Zoom integration
  4. Allow Membrain access your Zoom account by clicking on the Authorize button. 
  5. The integration set up is effortless, with email address and Timezone settings automatically taken your My Settings area. Learn how to edit these, if required here

  6. Once you've turned on the Zoom integration as above, you're ready to start creating those Zoom meetings automatically!