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Help and advice from Membrain comes in many forms, and when you have a question or simply need some guidance on how to get the most out of a feature, Membrains support team are ready and happy to help. 

Getting Support

Search the Help Center

Help Center articles (like this one) can often give you the information and details you need to get you over a bump, and with videos and step-by-step guides for pretty much anything you need to know about Membrain, it should be your first port of call.

Email the support team

Emailing specific questions to our support team is also a great way to get personalised help, when you perhaps haven't found exactly what you're looking for from the help center, or would like a little more guidance. In this case, an email to opens a support request in our ticketing system, which is then answered by the next available support agent on our team.  We aim high and try to respond to support tickets within 1 hour (timezone permitting) but will always do our best to respond as soon as humanly possible.

Allow Remote Access

Sometimes talking (or typing) about a specific scenario just isn't enough. A hands on approach via a Remote Access session to your Membrain account can lead to a swifter resolution of an issue, help explain how a certain feature can be used in your environment and ensure that advice or guidance given is more meaningful and relevant to you. And of course during training sessions remote access is very beneficial to allow for a more personalised and visual experience.

In each of these scenarios, Membrain Support Agents can only access your account once remote access has been granted.

How is access approved?

Access to your Membrain Instance is an option which is set by the Membrain Administrator in your organisation, and can be set to either On or Off.  This setting is found in the Account Details page and setting Support Access to On allows Membrain Support Staff access your Membrain instance either as a System Administrator or as an Individual User, depending on the nature and requirement of the request. Setting Support Access to Off means Membrain Support Staff will not be able to access your Membrain instance.  


  1. From the profile area of Membrain (bottom left icon) click on Account Details to access the Account Details page
  2. Identify the Support Access toggle button
  3. Click the toggle to turn green and Allow Access to Membrain Support Staff
  4. Or Click the toggle to turn red and Deny Access to Membrain Support Staff

As an additional layer of security, Membrain Support Staff will also ask for permission before accessing your account. We will never ask for your password, and you should never give it to anyone else.

Once access has been allowed and permissions have been granted to connect, Membrain Support staff will go through a 2-factor authentication process, allowing a once off session to your Membrain account.  

GDPR and Access to data

These security measures are in place to ensure your data is managed in line with GDPR regulations. They ensure the security and integrity of your data is maintained and that no unauthorised access is possible.