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Delete Forever (GDPR)

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In accordance with the GDPR regulations that comes into effect May 2018, it is now a requirement to be able to erase an individuals personal information permanently and allow the person the "Right to Erasure"

Helping you comply

With the introduction of GDPR, we have added functionality to Membrain to help you manage your Contact database and ensure compliance, in a simple and straight forward way.  

One of these features is the GDPR Delete function. This feature allows Membrain Administrators to erase the information you have gathered on a contact (either one by one, or in bulk) confidently knowing that your company has conformed to the GDPR requirements. 

How Delete Forever (GDPR) works

Deleting a single contact

This can be done if you have specifically been asked to remove this indivudual contact from the database, or you believe you should erase them from the database. Membrain Administrators can follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the contact you want to delete
  2. Click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG MORE option from the top toolbar 
  3. Click on Delete Forever (GDPR)


  4. You can now confirm your decision to delete this contact, in the following windows:
  5. Once you click continue, you see a final confirmation window that you wish to permanently delete this contact. This action can not be undone.


  6. Once deleted, you will see confirmation that the GDPR Delete was successful


Deleting multiple contacts

You may find that you need to delete multiple contacts in one go. For example, contacts you have not been in contact with for a certain time span, or contacts that have requested to be deleted from your database. Deleting each contact one by one could get tedious, so we've introduced a "Batch Delete Forever" function to allow you delete a number of contacts, in one fell swoop. 

Note: The number of contacts that can be deleted at any one time is limited to 100 
  1. Using Filters, labels or simply selecting multiple contacts by hand from the Contact List view gives you this option to delete multiple contacts.
  2. Go to the Contact List view, from the CRM menu on the left hand side 
  3. Create a filter to select the contacts you wish to permanently delete, or select them manually by clicking on the selection box to the left of their name.
  4. Once you begin to make selections, you will see options appear at the bottom of the list.  
  5. When you are happy with your selection, click on the Delete Forever (GDPR) button


What happens to the contact which has been deleted

The GDPR delete function in Membrain allows you to permanently erase the details of a contact in Membrain. This means that this contact no longer exists in the CRM database and cannot be restored.

The Contact is also removed from the following areas:

  • Sales Projects they were a Stakeholder or Participant in
  • Prospecting Campaigns they were listed in
  • Companies they were connected to
  • Activities they were involved in

What trace information is left: 

  • Once the contact has been deleted in this way, any reference to the contact in historical events (e.g. a meeting they were a participant in) will be anonymized and replaced with the date this contact was deleted.
  • An entry is also created in the activity stream to show when they were deleted, and also by whom.Anonymized_data.PNG

Want to know more?

Additional information about what Membrain is doing to help you stay compliant is available in a number of articles in the GDPR Section of our Help Center, as well as on our website

And for additional information, the following pages have a lot of helpful resources to learn more: