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One of the changes happening with the GDPR regulation that comes into effect May 2018 is the "Right to Access" when requested by the individual in question. Individuals will have the right to obtain access to their personal data and other supplementary information.

Helping you comply

With the introduction of GDPR, we have added functionality to Membrain to help you manage your Contact database and ensure information stored can be easily exported and prepared for presentation to the individual requesting the data.  

The Export (GDPR) feature allows you to export all the information you have gathered on a contact, including all their details, plus any activities they were listed as involved in.

How GDPR Export works

  1. Locate the contact who's data you want to export 
  2. Click on the More_Menu_3_dots.PNG MORE option from the top toolbar 
  3. Click on Export (GDPR)
  4. All information is downloaded to an .xls file, ready for downloading

What is included in the export

The excel file includes two spreadsheets

  • Contact information - All information stored about the individual, including all custom fields and the free text stored in the Contact Description box. 
  • Activities the contact was related to - A list of all activities the contact was listed as participating in e.g. Appointments, Emails, Tasks, Notes or Phonecalls. 

Want to know more?

Additional information about what Membrain is doing to help you stay compliant is available in a number of articles in the GDPR Section of our Help Center, as well as on our website

And for additional information, the following pages have a lot of helpful resources to learn more: