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The Account Details page shows you the specifics of your Company's Membrain account information, your company's billing history as well as lots of other useful information related to your Membrain account.

Only Membrain Administrators can view this page, find out how by jumping to Where do I find Account Details.

Membrain Licences - An Overview

Membrain is a Web-based application which provides SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions through a Web browser or via Mobile App. Each Membrain user needs a licenced Membrain account to log in and use the system.

These licences can be paid either yearly or monthly in advance, via invoice/bank transfer or using a credit card.

If you would like to pay by credit card, the card details must be entered into Membrain by an administrator of the system. Cards currently accepted are Visa/Mastercard.

Account Details

The top area of the Accounts Details page outlines your billing information and the specifics of the costs, as well as other information explained below:


  • Domain: This is the domain name for your companies Membrain account. The domain name is what gives you the website address to connect to Membrain and log in.  In this case it would be
  • Agreement Period: This is the time frame for which your current Membrain agreement spans. There is a start date, an end date and also the date at which your agreement will automatically renew and roll over to another year.
    If you wish to cancel your Membrain subscription, you must provide written notice at least 3 months before the end date - i.e. on or before the automatic renewal date
  • Billed: This is the format for how you are billed. Monthly or Yearly.  Via wire transfer or Credit Card. You can also add or update credit card details here, if required.
  • Balance: This is the current balance of your account. Costs are accrued daily so the balance shown here will change over time.  
  • Base Price: This is a fixed price which can include agreed additional features or a set amount of users at a different cost to the agreed per user cost
  • Users included in Base Price: This is the number of users included in the Base Price
  • Per User Price: This is the cost per user licence, per month. Adding or removing users is the responsibility of your Membrain Administrator in your organisation, and can be done at any time. Changes will be reflected here, and a pro-rata charge will be incurred from the date the user is added. The same applies for users that are deleted.
  • Minimum Users Billed: This is the minimum number of users you will be billed for, in accordance with the details in your Membrain Agreement. The actual number of users can be above or below this minimum user number. The minimum number of users can be changed if required, once the initial agreement has expired.
  • Paid Users: This is the number of users that are charged and make up your Membrain licencing costs.  This number does not include Partner accounts, or any other type of account that was agreed to be free of charge when your Membrain Agreement was drawn up.
  • Monthly Cost (Est.)  This is the estimated monthly cost based on your agreement and on the current amount of licensed users you have.  This amount also takes the Minimum Users Billed amount into account when being calculated. 
  • Next Bill (Est.) This is the estimated cost for your next bill, which takes the current balance and the Est. Monthly Cost into account.  

Billing History

Here you will see a historical breakdown of all the costs associated to your Membrain licencing, as well as the paid invoices or credit card transactions.


Where do I find the Account Details page?

Administrators will find the Accounts Details page by going to their Profile picture and clicking on Account Details.