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Working with Custom Fields

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Its important to maintain your database of custom fields within Membrain, and ensure that they are named well for proper usage, kept up to date with current information, and old custom fields no longer in use are deleted or archived accordingly.

This is all done by an administrator in System Setup - Custom Fields - Sales Project & Prospect, Company or Contact lists

Working with the lists

Sales Project & Prospecting Custom Fields

To make working with these custom fields easier, it is possible to sort or filter your custom field list break them down into subcategories.


Use the quick filters at the top of the page to see custom fields for:

  • Only Sales Processes
  • Only Prospecting Campaigns
  • Specific Process Name
  • Specific Campaign name
  • Unused Custom Fields


  • Choose which TYPE of custom field you would like to see

Company and Contact Custom Fields 

You can use Groups to divide up Custom Fields for Company and Contact Cards. 

Using this feature makes it easy to manage the list as an administrator, but also makes the Company and Contact Cards more visually appealing and easier to input information.  



Updating a Custom Field

Keep the options available current and relevant in multi select and single select lists by updating them, as required. 

Perhaps you want to add some additional options to a list, or change the name, or even add some Sales Enablement content.  Follow these steps below to edit a current custom field.

  1. Go to System Setup, Custom Fields
  2. Click on the subheading where the custom field you wish to edit belongs 
  3. Find the Custom field you would like to edit, using the filters mentioned above if necessary
  4. Click into it and make any changes required.
    Change the name or add a description OR
    Add some options in multi-select or single-select lists on the left hand side. Click Add Row or Add Multiple to paste in a plain text list from notepad or excel 
  5. Click on the Save and Publish Field once you're happy with your updated list


Deleting Custom Fields

To delete a Company or Contact Custom Field locate it in the list.

If a field is not in use in any prospect or sales project, you will see a small x icon to the right hand side, indicating you can delete it.

Click on the x to choose between two options

  • Delete - this deletes the custom field. The field will no longer be visible in Membrain. Any data that may have been captured in the past into this field will also no longer be accessible.
  • Archive - this deletes the custom field from the list so it is no longer visible in Membrain.  However, data that was captured into this field will be saved and visible as before the field was deleted.

If the field IS in use in a prospect or sales project, the x will be greyed out. You will need to remove it from all sales projects and prospecting campaigns first, in order to be able to delete it as a custom field. 

To learn more about the different types of Custom Fields available in Membrain, read the article Custom Fields - Introduction