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Working with Lists - Advanced

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Lists are a great way to see the specific information you need, showing you filtered information which can be sorted and grouped in many ways. These lists you create can then be configured to format that is clear and easy for you to read.

A great feature of Lists is that information in these lists is not limited to just the view you're in. You can also see additional details where information overlaps from Sales Projects/Prospects/Companies and Contacts. This gives you a great overview of all your information in Membrain and allows you to really see the specific information you need. 

And whats-more, you can even save your perfect List as a View, where all your settings and configurations can be saved, ready to come back to just when you need it.  

Configuring Lists - Advanced


Step by step guide



Once you have a List with some basic options selected, you can use the Cogs_icon.PNGconfigure icon in the Name Column to find even more options and choose which specific data you wish to see, and which format you would like to see it in.

From here you can select up to 20 different fields to show in your list. Fields available are from all Sales Processes, Prospecting Campaigns, Company and Contacts.

Example - Configuring a Sales Project List


  • Choose fields by ticking the boxes in the left column beside the fields you want see in your list.  Scroll down in this column to see all the fields available to choose from, including Prospecting Campaigns, Companies & Contacts* (Contact fields are only available in Prospecting lists).
  • Reorder the fields you have chosen by dragging them up or down the list to the right hand side.

Once you're happy with your choices, you can resize each column by hovering between each column header until a line with arrows appears, and drag left or right.

Or rearrange the columns by hovering on a column header until you see the Handle.PNGhandle icon appear beside it and drag/drop it left or right to where you want it.

Working with your information


If you spot some data that is incorrect or incomplete in the list, no problem! Go right ahead and edit the data directly in the list without having to leave the list your working on. 

Just click on the field and start to type, and your data will be changed both in the list and also in the context where it is stored. A great way to spot check for errors or gaps in your information.

Batch changes

In the list view, you can also execute changes to specific fields in bulk, rather than manually updating them one by one. For example, if someone leaves the sales team you can reassign all open opportunities to another sales representative, change the estimated closing date, or update a custom field. 

  1. User filters to find the specific information you want to edit, if required.  
  2. Select all by clicking on the check box to the left of the Name Column, or be even more specific and choose only a select few by clicking on the check boxes to the left of the list
  3. Click on the Change button at the bottom.  
  4. Find the details you wish to change for all fields selected and click on the Change checkbox
  5. Then update with the details you wish to change to, by selecting the field in question, and then changing the options for that field
  6. Click save


Hold down the Ctrl key to select individual rows OR hold down the Shift key to select a range of rows
Other options are available to batch edit, depending on which area of Membrain you are in.

Prospecting List

  • Send Mail - Write an email to one or many prospects
  • Claim - Select the prospects you want to work with and click Claim.  You are now the owner of these prospects and they will appear along with others in your prospecting lists
  • Disqualify - disqualify one or many prospects
  • Assign - assign one or multiple prospects to one or multiple users.  The selected prospects will be assigned to the users you select in a round robin fashion, starting with a randomly selected user.
  • Change - change details like Owner, Process and Category for one or multiple processes
  • Delete - Delete selected prospects. You will be asked to confirm before they are deleted.
  • Create Prospects