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Adding Sales Enablement Content to Membrain is a great way to share resources and information with your team members, support them in their efforts and help them sell more efficiently.

What is Sales Enablement Content?

Sales enablement content can be described as supporting material to enable sales, and in Membrain comes in the form of:

  • text (descriptions and guidance for steps, fields, other items)
  • files (documentation, templates)
  • links (external websites or online tools)
  • videos (embedded video files from Wistia or YouTube)

This content can be added to a host of areas in Membrain, including process steps & stages, all custom fields as well as lots of other key areas right across Membrain, making it possible to find specific help and resources in the relevant places, just when you need it.

An Example

First contact with a prospective client

When reaching out to a prospect for the first time, help your team ask the right questions and get the conversation going in the right direction from the beginning. Add the following:

  • A coaching video to guide the sales representative can go a long way in getting past that phone call or meeting
  • A pdf file which describes what your Ideal Client might look like
  • A link to additional documentation, like price lists or a case study




How it works

Sales Enablement content can be added in many areas of Membrain by an administrator. Follow this step by step guide to add your content.

Choose where you want the content to be accessed from:

Steps and stages in the Process

  1. Open the process editor 
  2. Click on the step or stage that you want to add your content to

Other fields in the Process

  1. Open the process editor 
  2. Click on the fields Value, Probability or Closing Date to add content

Custom fields

  1. From System Settings, go to Custom Fields
  2. Choose if you want to add the content to Sales Projects & Prospect, Company or Contact Custom Field, and select the field 

Add the content:

Click on the blue ADD button to the right hand side of the dialogue box


Choose the content you wish to add: video, file or link

Remember, if you've made additions to the process, don't forget to Publish!


If you have any queries on how to use this exciting feature, please let us know at