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Why aren't all my contacts synced between Act-On and Membrain?

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In some ways, Act-On and Membrain are very different. Where Act-On primarily focus on the lead as an individual, Membrain's B2B sales effectiveness platform primarily looks at the company.

This also affects mandatory fields for contacts - in Act-On, an email address is the single mandatory field whereas Membrain requires the contact name as well as the company name of the contact.

Due to these differences, some contacts may not always be 100% synced between the platforms.

So... how do I find the contacts in Act-On that haven't been synced over?

  1. Create a new smart list, name it "Ineligible for Membrain" or something similar.
  2. Add "list membership" criteria for all the smart lists you want to sync with Membrain, so you get all the contacts there
  3. Add the contact property of "not having" (or being empty) a company name
  4. Save

Now you have a list that you can reference at any time. This list will display all contacts the integration is not able to bring over to Membrain

How can I give my contacts a push so I'm sure they all make it over to the other system?

The easiest way is to to check the "Request Sync of All Contacts in Act-On List" checkbox when setting up a new list sync. This will bring over all eligible contacts. Do keep in mind that with completely new and/or large lists this can take several hours due to limitations to the speed of the Act-On API.

To get all the statistics on the integration click on Admin in the Membrain menu, click on the integrations tab, go to Act-On and then click on status for all details and graphs.