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Setting up the Act-On Integration

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Setting up the initial Act-On integration is pretty straight-forward. See the step-by-step instructions below to get started with this powerful capability to align your marketing efforts with your sales.

  1. Use the Membrain menu to navigate to the Admin page

  2. Click on the Integrations tab and go to the Act-On page

  3. Click on the "Authenticate" link to expand this section

  4. Enter the email and password for the Act-On user account that you want to associate with this integration

  5. Click on "Contact Sync" link to start selecting which lists that hold the contacts that should be brought over to Membrain. As you select these lists you can choose to either just add a label on them, or to create Prospects that are ready for sales to start working with.

  6. Click on the small links on the right part of each list sync. The "mapped fields" and "unmapped" field will show you which information you have set up to be synced between Membrain and Act-On. A click on this text will expand the section and let you customize this. This is where you select which pieces of information you want to bring into Membrain from Act-On and vice versa.

    On each of these that you do add you can select if Act-On is allowed to overwrite any information found in Membrain or not. This can be very helpful when wanting to sync numerical counters such as number of visits and similar information. Membrain also brings in some information by default, such as first and last name, company and email.

Note: Membrain do require a company name, so if you notice that not all your Act-On contacts are brought over, that's normally the reason. Adding a company name as a required field on your forms you want to bring into Membrain solves this issue going forward.