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Adding Prospects to a Prospecting Campaign

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Once you've got your prospecting campaign created, it's time to start adding prospects to it. You can add prospects to a prospecting campaign from different Membrain views:

Creating a new prospect

  • Prospecting view -  click on the New Prospect button in tool bar
  • Company/Contact card view - click on the More button in tool bar and select New Prospect
  • Enter/Select the Company Name, Prospect Contact Name, the Campaign this prospect should be added to and the prospect owner

Through search

Or use the Global search to select a Contact or create a new Prospect

Adding multiple existing companies 

Main Membrain Icon - Companies & Contacts - Companies Tab

  • Apply any relevant filters and/or labels to produce the list of companies you wish to add to the prospecting campaign.  
  • Once you are happy with the filter you have created, tick the box to the far left to select all
  • At the bottom of the list, click on the Create Prospects button
  • Select the relevant prospecting campaign these companies are to be added to and assign owner

To learn more about filtering Companies & Contacts, click here Using Labels with Companies Contacts