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Adding Rules to a Prospecting Campaign

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Similar to the sales process, you can apply rules -- visualized in the form of blue puzzle pieces, red flags and yellow warning boxes - to the prospecting campaigns to help with prioritization and coaching.

For example, you may want to trigger a red flag if a new prospect has not been contacted within 5 days, or if there has been more than 1 month since the last contact.

The 3 visual indicators that can be set up to trigger are:

  • Coaching Advice - a blue puzzle piece
  • Red Flags - a red flag icon
  • Warnings - a yellow triangle with exclamation mark

Read more about the Importance of Rules and how they affect your Prospects here.

How to apply rules to a campaign
Main Membrain Menu - Admin - Admin tab - Click on the Campaign you wish to edit
  1. Under the Rule section in the centre, click Add Rule
  2. Choose the Rule type you wish to apply, there are 4 to choose from, outlined below
  3. Move the importance slider up and down to decide how strong a warning it should be (options below)
  4. Choose how soon the warning will appear against the step by editing the number of days.  

  • Age - alerts related to how old the prospect is
  • Activity - What activity levels should we have? For example, how often should we be in contact with a prospect?
  • Time to first activity - from the time a prospect is added to a campaign, how quickly do we need to contact them?
  • Not assigned - how long can a prospect be unassigned / not claimed before it needs to be alerted?

Setting Importance

Once you've decided which type of rule you would like to add, you can then decide on when the alert will trigger, based on days passed.

The predetermined options you have are below, but you can edit the number of days before each alert will be triggered, giving you full control of the rules.

Some examples of Rules that can be applied to Prospecting Campaigns are:

Example 1:
We want to add a rule that all unassigned prospects are highlighted with a puzzle piece after 2 days, and a red flag to apply after 5 days.

Add rule
Select Not Assigned
Drag importance bar to mandatory
Change the blue puzzle piece to 2 days and the red flag to 5 days
See below for further explanation of what each option entails.

Example 2:
We want to add a rule that all new prospects are contacted within 1 week

Add rule
Select Time to first activity
Drag importance bar to mandatory
Change the blue puzzle piece to 2 days and the red flag to 7 days