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Using Multiple Currencies

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Membrain supports multi-currency for international sales. This allows you to enter the value of your sales projects in a currency that you are familiar and comfortable with, while allowing these values to be automatically converted and viewed as other currencies in other areas of Membrain.

Powerful for Management. You can now decide if you want to see all Sales Projects in their original currency and only the analytical views and summaries in your officially chosen currency, or if you want to see everything in a single specific currency.

Streamlined for Sales Professionals. If you have colleagues working with other currencies, or you work with different currencies yourself, you can use this option in the same way and compare Sales Projects across countries and relate to them in a better way.


Configure your preferences

  1. Main Membrain Icon - My Settings - User Interface
  2. Choose the currency you wish to use from the drop down list
  3. Check the box if you want to see all values shown in this currency