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Adding Influence and Attitude to Stakeholders

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Here at Membrain, we understand how various stakeholders can sway a sales decision, based not just on how much influence they have in the decision process, but also on their attitude towards the project.

Now with the Stakeholder Influence and Attitude tracking capabilities in Membrain, its even easier to visualize the bigger picture. You gain a more solid understanding of the views and opinions each stakeholder has in a project, as well as how they may or may not influence the outcome.

Getting started

To begin mapping out the influence and attitude of the stakeholders within a project,

  • Click on a name within the stakeholders (Who?) box  
  • Here you will see Company, Contact and Role information
  • To the right in this box click on "unknown" located directly under Influence/Attitude
  • Select the one that best describe the stakeholder from the drop down list (See below)
  • Click save

Here you can choose between different options which best describes the stakeholders influence and attitude regarding this project:



The views or opinions each stakeholder has about the project in question, are illustrated in a color coded face icon to the left of the stakeholders name. 


This is symbolized in 5 different expressions, ranging from a red angry face, to a bright green happy face.


This is presented as a ring around the face. A small piece of the ring symbolizes minor influence, half a ring symbolizes significant influence, and a full ring symbolizes the most influence possible, decisive influence.


Influence and Attitude tracking is available on our Performance and Excellence Tiers.