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Creating a new Sales Project

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Sales Projects can be created from a number of places in Membrain. They then enter your active pipeline, flow through your sales process and hopefully result in a Won Sales Project at the end of the life cycle.

Create a Sales Project

You can create a sales project from a number of areas in Membrain:

  1. Active Pipeline view (Pipeline Tab)
    Click on the New Sales Project button in the black toolbar

  2. Global Search
    In the global search bar ("Search in Membrain" in grey text), enter the name of a company you wish to create a sales project for. If it doesn't already exist in the list returned, click on +New Sales Project option (blue text) Note: this is also a great way to check for duplicates before you create a new sales project.

  3. Company View
    Go to the company you wish to create the Sales Project for and click on the New Sales Project button in the black toolbar

  4. A Qualified Prospect
    Once you've worked with a Prospect and deemed them Qualified and ready to enter your pipeline, Click on the orange Schedule Next button to the right of the Prospecting Card
    From the drop down menu, choose Create Sales Project
    You will be brought directly to the new Sales Project with all the relevant information included


Information required:

When creating a new Sales Project you will be asked to select 4 important pieces of information

  1. which company the new Sales Project will be created for
  2. which sales process you want it to work through
  3. who the owner of the sales project should be
  4. a name for the Sales Project.  
    Note: this can simply be the name of the client, or perhaps give more details about the project itself, to help differentiate this from future projects for the same client.


Click on the Create button and you are brought directly to your new Sales Project.

Note: When creating a Sales Project outside of the Prospecting view you can utilize the "Bind to Prospect" to connect that Sales Project, this retroactively takes the Prospect out of circulation and can be used to track where Sales Projects originates.
This can be used to measure different lead generation approaches and channels.