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Creating Playbooks

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Playbooks gives you even more power to control and dynamically change your sales processes based on conditions you specify, which are relevant to your business. 

How it works

Say you discover your main competitor is also engaged with a potential client.  With Playbooks configured, Membrain guides you through an alternative set of steps in the sales process, ensuring each opportunity is managed with relevance and precision.  

Or you come up against an objection in an opportunity which changes its direction and potentially its outcome. Playbooks makes it easy for you to deal with this by automatically changing the steps in the process, to guide you through a different route and ensure you're ahead of the game.   

How to set up a Playbook

First, decide which step you want to make into a Playbook, and map out what additional steps you want to take, based on what information is captured in that step.

For example, lets say you are a software company and you want to record what other systems your client is considering.  You already record if the competition is your main competitor "Competitor A" or not so aggressive "Competitor B". But you want your sales reps to send a comparison document if the competitor chosen is "Competitor A"

Start by going into the Process Editor by hovering over the Process name and clicking on the edit icon (notepad and pen)

  1. Click Add Step
  2. Call this "Send comparison document".  The step is saved to the process.
  3. Click back into the step to change the settings, and click on Add Details/Tools
  4. Click Playbook Condition.
  5. This is where you chose what must happen in order for this step to dynamically appear in the process.  Choose Competition from the list and then select Competitor A and see its moved across to the selected box.
  6. At this point you can set the importance of this step (as you would any other step) by adjusting the slider bar and setting which reminder options you would like for this step.
  7. Click save and your Playbook is ready!  
  8. Don't forget to Publish it by clicking the orange Publish Process button up the top right of the screen.  You can also restore it to its original state by clicking on the Restore Process button.


Playbooks Preview:

To help you see and keep track of all of your Playbooks in a process, we've created the Playbooks Preview.

When you click on the Playbook Preview button in the black toolbar, you will see all your Playbook steps expand out, with more details appearing below in a new window available for reviewing and editing.  

You can then click on each option available and see how things would dynamically change, while in the live process.  



While in the Process editor, you can quickly see which steps is a playbook step by noting the color of the tick box.  All playbook steps are outlined with a blue box.