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Process Settings

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Membrains Process Editor allows you to create and customize your sales process to the way you want it. But there some additional settings available that give you even more options.

  1. Go to Membrain Main Menu - Admin - Admin Tab
  2. Click on the Sales Process you wish to edit
  3. Click on the Process Settings icon in the black toolbar

  4. Check the options you wish to apply

Include in reports - Check this box to include this sales process in Win/Loss analysis & Weekly Mails

Dynamic Process -  Check this box to allows your team to add or skip steps in individual sales projects.   Only non-mandatory steps can be added or skipped (Optional and Helpful)

Enable Attitude and Influence - Check this box to turn on the Attitude and Influence feature in your sales projects

4. Click Save

This capability is only available on Performance and Excellence Tiers of Membran.