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Adding Won/Archived reasons

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Recording the reasons why you either win or archive a sales project is vital in analyzing how your team is performing and identifying areas which can be improved upon.

Once you have built your won/archive lists with options relevant to your company, Membrain will ask why the sales project was won or archived when closing, and help you gain further insights into your strengths and weaknesses in various places throughout Membrain, including the Win/Loss Analysis. Read more about this here LINK:

Add Won/Archived Reasons

Main menu – Admin – Admin tab – Won/Archived reasons (middle of page)

  1. Click on +Add won reason / +Add archived reason
  2. Enter the reason that explains why you won or lost the deal
  3. Click save
  4. Continue adding reasons until you have a complete list



Edit Won/Archived Reasons

You can also merge reasons in your list without loosing any data that has historically been recorded for closed sales projects

  1. Click on a reason in the list you would like to merge with another
  2. Click Merge
  3. Choose the option you would like to merge with from the drop down list 
  4. Click Merge