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Congratulations! With your new Membrain account, you're officially on your way to improving your sales effectiveness and seeing great results!

As with any new system, there is a lot to learn. So with that in mind, we've created this guide with all the important videos, links and information that will help you get the best start possible in the shortest amount of time. So let's get you started!


What is Membrain?

First things first, let's start with the basics and talk about what Membrain actually is, and how it will benefit you.

Simply put, Membrain is a web-based sales effectiveness platform. It helps you stay in control of your sales projects, prospecting efforts and account management, all in one central place. It also helps you collaborate with your colleagues, communicate with your contacts effectively, and keep you on track with activities to stay productive and ultimately reach your goals.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to all the capabilities of Membrain.

Configuring your account

There's lots to learn, but before we go any further its a good idea to set up your account to reflect your preferences, and set up any integrations that will help you be even more productive as you work with Membrain. 

Setting your account preferences

You probably went through the New User Wizard when you logged in for the first time, but you can always go back and adjust these options and more from the My Settings area of Membrain. Here you can change your password, upload a photo, change your currency preferences and lots more to personalize your account and make it feel like home.

Read the My Settings guide to learn how you can do all this, and more.

Using your email and calendar accounts within Membrain

An important part of configuring your Membrain account is choosing how you would like to manage your email and calendar through Membrain.  If you want to go through the setup options again, follow the links below for a quick step by step guide and you'll be up and running in no time.  

Setting up your email account in Membrain

Setting up the sync between your calendar and Membrain's Sales Calendar

Working in Membrain

Now that you're all set up, let's take a further look at some of the key views and capabilities in Membrain.

Sales Projects and the Active Pipeline

A Sales Project (or Opportunity) in Membrain is a potential future sale. It's an open deal in your Active Pipeline that has a value and an estimated closing date. 

Active Pipeline

The Active Pipeline is the place where you can see all your open Sales Projects, along with visual indications about the health of these projects at a glance.

Watch this short intro video and learn more about managing Projects in the Active Pipeline

Sales Projects

Now that you understand how Membrain helps you manage all your Sales Projects in the Active Pipeline, its time to take a look at how to work within a Sales Project itself and move it through the sales process to a successful win! 


Prospects and Prospecting Campaigns

A Prospect (or Lead) in Membrain is a prospective client or a potential opportunity. It may be a company or just a contact, but you believe that there could be potential there for future business.  By working with this Prospect in a Prospecting Campaign, you can determine if you want to disqualify them as not a good fit or convert them into a Sales Project in the Active Pipeline.

Prospecting Campaign List View

The Prospecting List View is the place where you can see all your Prospects and their important information, at a glance.  Visual indicators help you see whether a prospect is potentially a good fit, or not. Learn more in this short intro video about managing your Prospects in Membrain.


Working with a Prospect is done by working them through a Prospecting Campaign. This is where you gather relevant information, score them, and use qualifying questions to help you determine whether they should be converted to a sales project, or not.


Activity Management

An important part of working within sales, is the ability to create, record and track all the activity that happens around a Sales Project or Prospect.

Learn all there is to know about Activity Management in Membrain or jump straight to some short videos that give you an overview of how activities can help you get the most out of your day.

Appointments and Calendar Management

Learn all about the features and benefits of using Membrain's Sales Calendar, or watch this short video about how to create appointments.

Task Management 

Find out how to increase your productivity using Tasks and the Task List. Watch and learn how to create, complete or assign tasks to your colleagues in this step-by-step video. 


Email Management

Effective communication is key to building relationships and being successful in Sales. There are lots of benefits to using Membrain's built-in email features including email templates, click track details and sent analytics, as well as a Sales Inbox that helps you prioritize your email with a Sales focus.

Learn all about the Sales Inbox, the benefits of using Membrain's Email Composer and also how to use email Templates and Snippets to give your productivity a boost!

More information?  Of course!

Your Membrain journey has just started, and we hope you won't stop here when there's so much more to learn! Check out these other areas of Membrain to increase your knowledge and ensure you get the absolute most out of Membrain.

Click on the Need Help button which is found in the bottom right in any view in Membrain and search for what you're looking for.

Additional Support

And of course, if you want to speak to a human at any time, call us on +46-8-511 670 13 or email any question, big or small to the Customer Success team where we'll be happy to answer via

Best of luck!

The Customer Success Team