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Membrain - Main Menu

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Learning how to use a new system can be daunting, which is why we work incredibly hard to make Membrain as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

This article covers basic navigation and what you can expect to find in each different view. 

Membrains main menu is found in the top left corner; click on the Membrain icon to access it and see the options available. The options available to you are dependent on which version of Membrain you are using and what user rights you have been granted. Below is a list of all options for users with full administrative rights working in Membrains top tier - the Excellence tier.


From this view, there are 3 tabs available:


Logically enough, this is where you manage and track your prospects, which need to be qualified before being converted to sales projects and subsequently entering the pipeline.


In this view you will access the dashboard, which provides an overview of all active sales projects in the pipeline. Hovering over a sales project will show you a snapshot of information, while clicking into one will bring you further into the project itself.


This view also shows you Sales Projects, but in a list view.  This view has more options for filtering, making batch changes and exporting reports to Excel, amongst other things.


Membrains Sales Calendar is available here, with tabs that show your calendar in day, week and month views. You can also choose to view your colleagues calendar from the drop down option to the right.

The Task List is also found here in a separate tab.  Predefined and cusomizable views are available to show you overdue, completed, future tasks etc. 


While Membrain is far from a traditional CRM system, it still provides a data base of your companies and contacts. This view provides a list of the Companies and Contacts in two separate tabs.

The lists can be filtered in a variety of ways, including labels which have been assigned to a company or contact, with options to email, make batch changes and export data to excel.


The Story Stream displays the activity log for both Prospects and Sales Projects, and shows all activities in chronological order. Filter by sales process, activity type and date (past and future) as well as by individual user or sales team.

Activity Goals and other key metrics are also visible for the team here, on the right hand side.


The sales analysis view provides statistics and trends for both prospecting and sales projects. Among other things, this view enables tracking of win rates, prospecting activities and how teams are performing against their sales targets.


The Win/Loss analysis view helps you identify why you win, and why you lose. A powerful view to learn how opportunities move through your sales process and pipeline.


This option is only available for users with administrative privileges. Administrators are able to do a number of things in this view, such as add and edit existing prospecting campaigns and sales processes and apply system settings.



On the bottom left of the main menu you will find the log out icon (gray, turns red when you hover over the icon)


The three cogs in the bottom middle of the main menu brings you to the My Settings page. Here you can personalize your account with things like adding a profile picture, change your password and set other system preferences to suit you.


By clicking on the Megaphone button, you can log a support ticket or provide feedback on the system to our dedicated support team.