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Importing Contacts

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Managing your contact information is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy relationship with current and future clients. With this in mind, Membrain allows you to import all your contact details in these few simple steps outlined below. 

HOW ITS DONE - An overview
Start by creating a template from Membrain, which includes all the fields you want to carry across but uses the names Membrain requires as a system.
Then input your information into this spreadsheet under the correct field names.
Once you're happy with your spreadsheet, import this file back into Membrain. This ensures all your data is aligned and imported into the correct fields within Membrain and your data integrity is maintained.

NOTE: You must have already imported Company information into Membrain, to allow contacts to be linked to their corresponding company.

Create Template

  1. Go to Main menu – Companies and Contacts – Contacts tab
  2. Click on Export in the top black bar
  3. Select all fields you wish to include in the import (Company name is already chosen so contacts will be linked to their corresponding company) and then click on Export (.xls)
  4. This creates the empty spreadsheet you will use to organize the data you are importing

2. Capture your data

  1. Export the data from your other systems to Excel.
  2. Populate the template you have just created with the data exported and save the file as a .xls file (Excel 97) Note: It may help if you are an intermediate user of Excel to do this efficiently

3. Import into Membrain

  1. Go to Main Menu - Companies and Contacts - Contacts tab
  2. Click on Import in the top black bar
  3. Click on “Upload a file to import” at top of screen and browse to the file you have just created. Note: Files must be in .xls format (Excel 97)
  4. Create or Add a new label if you want to mark the imported data with a label. This will allow you to sort by the data you are importing and can be helpful if you are importing additional data into existing contact information.
  5. Select ask, overwrite or skip in the drop down regarding existing contact information already in Membrain. Ask will ask you what to do each time it encounters a new contact, Overwrite will Add the second instance of the contact, and Skip will simply skip the contact altogether.
  6. Click Next
  7. Map the fields by aligning them to their correct names. You will see errors and will be able to work through them in your spreadsheet until you are fully confident that your data is solid and ready to be imported.
  8. Click import, and you're done!

Good to know:

Membrain uses certain fields as unique identifiers during the import to avoid creating duplicate records. For Contacts, the fields below are checked for pre populated data and if found, the record will be skipped/overwritten or you will be asked how to proceed (based on what you have decided at the beginning of the import)

* External Identifier (if used)
* Email (if used)
* Name (under Company, First + Last)

Its worth mentioning also that its important for you to check the spreadsheet itself for duplicates BEFORE you do the import, as Membrain will not check for duplicates on the file itself. Do delete fields you have not populated before importing in effort to achieve a clean as possible file upon.

Some common troublemakers when importing could be:

  • Lack of a company name
  • Country name if you are importing that field as well
  • Multiple phone numbers in the same row (2 is the max amount of phone numbers per contacts and need to be in separate cells in Excel)
  • Name- either you have both first and last name in each respective column or if a few contacts lack last name, then the best option would be to merge this into 1 column called "Name".