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Creating and Managing user accounts

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This article outlines how to add new users in Membrain and how to assign them to different Sales teams and Permissions groups. Only administrators of Membrain can add or edit user accounts.


Main Membrain Icon - Admin - Users - New User 
  • Enter the name of the new user into the Contact field and select them from the drop down list.  If the contact doesn't exist yet, click to add a new contact.  Add the details for the new user.  This will create them as a contact in the database. 
  • Ensure the email address is correct (this email address will become the new users login username)
  • If you want the system to email an invite to the end user, which allows him/her to set their own password, tick the Yes box under send invite.  (Please note this invite is only valid for 15 minutes, but can be reissued until the user has succesfully logged in)
  • If you want to set the password for the end user and email the login details yourself, tick no and complete the Password and Repeat boxes
  • Select the correct Teams and Permissions the new user belongs to by ticking relevant boxes
  • Click Add User
Main Membrain Icon - Admin - Users - Manage 
From this view, you can see all of your current Membrain user accounts. You can filter and group users based on which Sales Team or Permission Group they belong to by using the options at the top. You can also sort by specifics such as Quota Attainment or Win Rate for addition insight into your teams success.
To make changes to a user account, hover the mouse over the top right hand corner of the user card until you see the cog settings icon appear in the top right corner. Clicking here gives you options to change things like:
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Sales Team membership
  • Permission Group membership
  • Delete an account
  • Upload or edit a profile image
  • Send an invite, which includes a login URL, username and password information.  Note: this option is only available if the user has never logged in before, and will only be valid for 15 minutes after it is sent.


For more information on Sales Teams and Permission Groups, read this article.