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Importing Activities

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Storing and tracking activities (whether they are emails, phone calls, meetings or just quick notes) is an essential part of your daily routine and is vital when managing relationships with your clients.

How it's done
With Membrain, you can import this information, as outlined below.
Start by inputting your information into the template spreadsheet which you can obtain via your Membrain customer success contact. Once you're happy with your spreadsheet, import this file into Membrain. This ensures all your data is aligned and imported into the right fields within Membrain, and your data integrity is maintained.
NOTE:  You must have already imported Company and Contact information into Membrain, to ensure all activities are stored against the right person and company.  

It is beneficial to have imported or created at least one sales project or prospect before importing activities, so Membrain can save the data against the correct Sales Project or Prospect.
1. Use the Template
  • Use the excel file "Activity Import - template sheet.xls" (which you obtained from your Membrain customer success contact) as a template to import your data.  
2.  Capture your data
  • Export the data from your other systems to Excel.
  • Populate the template with the data exported and save the file as a .xls file (Excel 97)
3.  Import into Membrain
  • Go to Main Menu - Admin - Import - Activities
  • Click on “Upload a file to import” at top of screen and browse to the file you have just created.
    Note:  Files must be in .xls format (Excel 97)
  • Select ask, overwrite or skip in the drop down regarding existing contact information already in Membrain.  
  • Ask -  will ask you what to do each time it encounters a new contact
  • Overwrite - will Add the second instance of the contact
  • Skip - will simply skip the contact altogether.
  • Click Next
  • Map the fields by aligning them to their correct names.  You will see errors and will be able to work through them in your spreadsheet until you are fully confident that your data is solid and ready to be imported.
  • Click import, and you're done!