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Here at Membrain we take pride in being recognized as one of the premier sales tools in the world. Membrains integration with Zendesk represents a tying together of the best-of-breed solutions for Membrains complex sales platform and Zendesks Customer Support ticketing system.

How it works

The Membrain-Zendesk integration allows a two way sync of company and contact information from Membrain to Zendesk, and ticket information from Zendesk to Membrain.

Support ticket information is shown in Membrain as Activities, giving sales people the insight into support issues your clients may be experiencing allowing for a closer and smoother relationship between sales and support.


The Zendesk integration can only be set up by an Administrator in both Membrain and Zendesk.



  1. Admin - Channels - API
  2. Enable "Token Access" 
  3. Click on "Add new token" to create a new API token to access Membrain


  1. Main Menu System Setup - Integrations - Zendesk App
  2. From here you will find some easy to follow instructions on how to set the integration up in both products. 

This integration allows you to sync contacts in Zendesk by using contact and company labels in Membrain. To create a contact in Zendesk you can use labels such as "client", "partner" or similar in Membrain to automatically be aware of who is asking for help and help gather statistics in Zendesk using the company/organization data you already have in place in Membrain. 

If you can't see this integration option, please contact us at