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Membrain - The Basics

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At the top right side of the screen regardless of which view you're in, you can search for companies, contacts, sales projects and prospects. Just start typing and Membrain will provide the results.

You can also add a new contact, company, sales project or prospect directly via global search. Click on the blue text (New…) in the search result list. This is also a great way to check if an entry already exists before you decide to add it to the database.  


In Membrain, there are a number of tools that will help you minimize data entry and navigate the system much quicker.

Bold text with dotted underline - clicking on any text in bold with a dotted line underneath allows you to make a new selection or edit any information.

Blue text - A few actions are available for anything in blue text:

  • Edit the information – hover over the icon until the pen and paper icon appears. Click on the icon to edit.
  • If you hover over a blue link, in most cases, a smaller window will pop up that gives you a snapshot summary of the most important information
  • If you click on the text, it will take you to a new location. See below for a few examples

Hover - you can hover over pretty much anything to see more information without having to leave the view you are in. Just hover your mouse cursor over the name of a company, contact, sales project, prospect or activity to see a snapshot of the most important information tied to it.

Drop down lists - In a number of Membrain views, dropdown lists allow you to select which data you wish to view. Views may be restricted based on permissions granted. 


Membrain has several so-called widgets that give you quick access to key views such as your Sales Calendar, Task list and Sales Inbox. Once these widgets have been turned on (via My Settings) you will see their corresponding icons in the upper-right corner of Membrain.

Pin your favorite widgets to either side of your Membrain window to see widget details in an expanded view.


As you move between different views in the system, your 4 latest locations will be accessible with a simple click. The breadcrumbs are made visible just to the right of the main menu at the top of your screen. The current view will be highlighted in bold text.


Membrains Help Center is where you will find the answers to any questions you have about Membrain. You will also find other resources here such as videos and advice on how to best use Membrain to its fullest potential. You can also log a support ticket from here.

The link to the Help Center is found to the left of the Global Search box.