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The Activity Stream is a great resource to see all the activity, past and future within a particular sales project, prospect, company or contact. Every appointment, email, task, change, document upload... pretty much anything that ever happens is listed here in chronological order, and all filterable of course to help you easily find the information you need. 



Filtering the Activity Stream

Visual filters in the Activity Stream Header help you quickly and easily find the information you need. Here are some helpful ways that you can work with the activity stream.

Filter by Colleagues

Click on a colleague's profile picture to filter the list and show only the activities he/she is involved in.

Filter by Activity Type or Custom Activity Type

Select from the main activity type icons to show just activities of this type:
Email, Call, Note, Appointment, Task or Other. Other is any changes that have been made on the system or in a Sales Project or Prospect.mceclip1.png
Use the filter icon (far right) to get even more specific and select one or many Custom Activity Types that are specific to your company, like "Proposal email" or "First Onsite Meeting".

Search for anything in the Activity Stream

Use the Search option to the right to find any keyword in the Activity Stream to bring you right there.

Switch Modes

Expand or Collapse all events to make it even easier to find that specific data point.

Using Activities

Open activities, for further reading or to edit information



Open, reply to or forward emails with just a click


See whether your email has been read, or if a link has been clicked on 


Additionally, you can view any custom fields you added to your Activity custom fields and what information is recorded within the stream, like Meeting Notes, or Phonecall Outcome to the Appointment or Call dialog adds an additional layer of insight into the activity itself by allowing salespeople to add relevant information after the activity is completed. Go to Using Custom Fields with Activities to learn more. 


Coach your team & collaborate with colleagues

You can comment on these activities to keep all discussions right there in the correct context, and even mention your colleagues to get their immediate attention on specific items. Including using emojis to show your support, agreement, or encouragement to your colleagues.


Learn more about Comments and Mentions in the Activity Stream



Another powerful feature in the Activity Stream is History Graphs, which shows you a wealth of information at a glance. These mini graphs pack a punch and show you the history of any Custom Field in Membrain and their values over time.