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The Decision Team Map

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The Decision Team Map is a visual extension of the Stakeholders Influence and Attitude feature of Membrain.

Capturing this stakeholder information is an important first step, but now Membrain makes this feature even more powerful with a visualization representation of the data, in the form of the Decision Team Map.



Hovering over any segment of the map will give you more detail about the stakeholder, and allows you to change their properties right there from the map.

You can view the Decision Team Map anytime, by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the Stakeholders box. 


What does it all mean?

Each stakeholder is given a segment of the map, which visually represents their influence and attitude towards the project.  

These segments are then subdivided into portions signifying how much Influence the stakeholder has; Minor, Significant or Decisive.

The color of the segment illustrates the attitude the stakeholder has towards the project covering red (hostile) to dark green (convinced).



Note: While attitude and influence can be captured in the Performance and Excellence tier, the Decision Team Map is available on our Excellence Tier only.