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Probability in Stages & Steps

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Adding probability to important milestones in your Sales Process is a great way to improve reporting and ensure sales forecasting this is as realistic as possible.

As you design your process, consider which steps will hold more weight towards making a significant step forward and assign a percentage probability that fits. Probability can be applied to individual steps, or whole stages, or a combination of both.

The result is an increasing probability of winning a Sales Project as each of these important milestones is completed.

There are 3 options to choose from when deciding how to apply probability to your sales process:

  • Individual Steps
  • Stages
  • Or a combination of both

Go to your Main menuAdminAdmin tabSales Processes - Click on the Sales Process you wish to edit to get to the process editor.

Probability on steps cannot go above or below the Min/Max Probability % added on a stage level, that calculation takes precedence. However having Probability in steps is the main way to "build up" the probability of winning a deal. As you complete the steps that add probability this number will go up, and help you build a healthy pipeline large enough to consistently reach your sales targets.

Probability in Steps

On Steps under the stages you have one value, which is awarded upon completion of that specific step.

The method we apply is basically, each completed step increases the probability by the specified %.
Then finally, check for min/max values in the currently active phase and adjust accordingly.

Example 1
A Sales Project is in the first Stage. We have 4 steps in the first Stage each awarding +5%. With all steps completed we would get 20%, but we have set the first Stage to have a Max Probability of 10%, hence the end result is 10%

Example 2
A Sales Project is in the second Stage, we have 3 steps in the first Stage each awarding +10%, only one step is completed the result is then 10% from steps. In this stage we have specified a Min Probability of 25% hence we get an end result of 25%.

Note: You can also get a helpful breakdown of the calculation in Membrain by doing a mouse-over on the probability in the sales project view.


First identify the steps you would like to add probability to.  

Some examples might be: *Decision Team Identified, *2nd meeting booked, *Proposal Sent

  1. Click on the first step you've identified
  2. In the Probability Box to the right of the Step Name add the percentage of probability you would like to add to this step.
  3. Click Save - you will now see that this percentage has been added to the step from the process editor view
  4. Continue adding probability percentages to all the steps you have identified until you have worked up to 100% total for the whole process, from beginning to end.

Probability in Stages

On Stages you have two values that you can set: Min Probability and Max Probability

You can use Min Probability to ensure any sales project in a given stage has at least that probability and Max Probability can be used to limit the probability.


If you would prefer to use a broader application of probability, you can choose to add probability to a Stage rather than individual steps. 

  1. Click on the stage name header
  2. Add the probability you have chosen for this stage in the Probability Min and Max boxes
  3. Click Save - now when you hover over the stage header, you will see the detail percentage has been added to the stage from the process editor view.