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Active Pipeline View

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Managing complex sales is not an easy task. You need to identify the right stakeholders, add value at every turn and elevate the problem your product or service can resolve to the top of the agenda of a number of decision makers – quite the project!

To give you an overview over all this, you have Membrain's "Active Pipeline" at your disposal. By default, this is your starting page when you log in to Membrain.

Here, you get a visual overview of your pipeline – where in the sales process is each sales project right now, what is the health of each individual sales project and how do you prioritize which ones you need to take action on first?

Top Information
Next to the wallet icon at the top, you will see a summary of the pipeline. It will list the number of sales projects, total value and weighted value.This information also reflects your current view settings such as filters, processes and sales project owners.


Your sales Projects move through the pipeline from left to right, and each stage of your Sales Process is indicated by each column you see in this view. Each Sales Project is represented by a box with basic information related to that Sales project, and which stage of the sales process its currently in is indicated by which column it is in.
To the far right you can see sales projects that you have archived or won the last 3 months. Clicking on this column let's you view additional information about these sales projects and their statistics.
And if you are on the Performance or Excellence tiers of Membrain, you may see an additional column to the far left which shows you any prospecting campaigns that have been setup. 
Sales Projects
Each box you see in each stage represents an active sales project. Each sales project is located under the sales process stage it is currently in. In each box you can see
  • the name of the sales project (typically the name of the company it's tied to),
  • the value of the opportunity
  • and in parenthesis you see the probability of the sales project.
  • If you have sorted the pipeline view by something that isn't shown by default in this sales project box, that additional information will appear.
  • Below you see if it has any puzzle pieces, red flags or warning on it, as well as a progress bar which shows how far in the process you have gotten, with the color indicating momentum and health of the opportunity. 
Puzzle pieces, red flags and warnings
In the sales processes set up, a number of rules can be applied. These rules in turn trigger certain visual markers when there is something outstanding that needs to be addressed. For example, a rule can be triggered if there has been no progress in the last 30 days, if a document has not been uploaded, or if a stakeholder has not been identified. 
As soon as a rule is triggered, a visual marker is applied and made visible on the sales project box in this view. Sales projects with a visual marker are automatically moved to the top of the page to ensure quick action. This
The 3 visual indicators that can be triggered are coaching advice (blue puzzle piece), red flags and warnings (yellow triangle with exclamation mark). 
  • Coaching advice is the first level and is in place to highlight that something needs to be addressed, even if it is not urgent yet. 
  • The next level is a red flag, where quick action is required to address the problem at hand.
  • The final level is the yellow warning – when this appears, there will also be a countdown clock of 14 days attached. In essence, if this happens you will have 14 days to address the problem or walk away from the opportunity. 

Note: Sales projects with warnings are not included in your forecast and are no longer included in your weighted pipeline 

Quick Selections & Filters

In this view it's often quite helpful to be able to drill down to only see your own sales projects, to see only the sales projects that match a certain criteria (for example: included in your forecast, strategic accounts, new sales projects the last week, etc)

You can see only a specific sales person(s) pipeline that you wish to review by making a selection in the “Show Sales Projects” drop down list - found at the top right corner of your screen. 

Note: the number of options available in the drop down list will depend on your user permissions. If you are a sales representative, you may only be able to view your own pipeline, whereas an administrator may view the pipeline of all users. 

Next, you can use the 3 selections in bold text with a dotted line under to filter what you see.

  • Select the sales process (individual sales process or all)
  • Select any filter you wish to apply
  • Sort the pipeline based on selections available (Name, probability, value etc)

Do note that in this view the rules of the sales process overrides the sorting.

So if you sort by "Value" Membrain will bring the largest sales projects to the top in each individual stage, But! A puzzle piece will always be above a sales project without any visual markers, a red flag will be placed above a puzzle piece and a warning will always be on top.

If you have several sales projects with a red flag the largest opportunity (if sorted by value) with a red flag will be placed on top of other red flag sales project, but never above a warning.