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Where has my Sales Project gone?

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"I just won/archived a Sales Project, but now I can't find it? Where has it gone?"

No need to panic, its still there. Membrain never deletes Sales Projects, Won or Archived. They are simply moved out of the main Pipeline view, so you can get back to focusing on the ones that really need your attention.  

Won Sales Projects

You will find all of your won deals on the right hand side of the Pipeline View, by clicking on the green section of the toggle bar.  This will extend the view to show all your won projects the last 3 months, grouped by month. You can then click on this again (it has now turned orange) to hide them again.  

Archived Sales Projects

You will find all of your archived projects here too, clicking on the top part of the toggle bar (which is grey) will show you all of your archived projects, grouped by month.  Clicking again (it has turned orange) will hide them again.

With these projects in view, you can hover over each one to see a quick sales analytics overview, including value, close date, owner and also the reason why it was won or archived.

You can also click into the Project to review it, or to bring it back into your pipeline. You have options here such as Reactivate, Change Status, Create Prospect, or in the case of lost deals you can also choose to Start Over. Learn more about these options here.

As a reminder we have added a short text to keep you aware that you are viewing the Win/Archived sales Project from the last 3 months this text is displayed at the bottom of the sales projects in this field: Only showing the last 90 days. See more in the sales project list.

Further Win/Loss Analysis

Hovering over the toggle bar itself will show you an quick interactive win/loss view, including total number of sales projects won and total value.  

From here you can click into your Sales Analysis view to really get some powerful insight into how you are performing against your goals.