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Adding Importance to Process Steps

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Adding importance to a step is a powerful way to ensure the sales team and/or sales leader are informed when a sales project is not on track. The 3 visual indicators that can be set up to trigger are:

Coaching Advice - a blue puzzle piece
Red Flags - a red flag icon
Warnings - a yellow triangle with exclamation mark

Read more about Importance Rules and how they affect your Sales Projects here.

  1. Main Membrain Menu - Admin - Admin tab - Click on the Sales Process you wish to edit
  2. From the process editor, click on the step you want to apply the importance to.  
  3. To the right, click to add details/tools
  4. Choose the importance most relevant to the Step. There are 6 options available.
  5. Move the importance slider up and down to decide how strong a warning it should be (options below)
  6. Choose how soon the warning will appear against the step by editing the number of days.  

How Importance Works

The predetermined options you have are below, but you can edit the number of days before each alert will be triggered, giving you full control of the rules. The importance rules will start to trigger as you move past a step in your sales process without successfully completing it. This means that this counter is brought into effect the moment you move a sales project past the uncompleted step with importance manually, and not before. 

Other considerations
Steps with low Importance (Optional and Helpful), can be skipped IF you have Dynamic Sales Process Enabled in the Sales Process Editor. NOTE: this is only available on Performance and Excellence Tiers.