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Managing Sales Processes

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If you're working with multiple sales processes, its important to understand how to keep on top of your growing list of sales processes.

Go to Main Menu - Admin - Admin Tab - The Sales Process List can be seen in the middle of the view. Options available below the Process list are:


Click on the New Process button to create a new sales process.  To read more about creating a new process click here: Creating a Sales Process


Click on the Import button to import a previously exported sales process .mbp file.  This can be useful if you are managing more than one Membrain instance, or if you are restoring a sales process from backup.

From within the Sales Process Editor - options available in the black toolbar are:


Archiving a sales process does not delete it, but sets it unavailable for use in any area of Membrain, except from this admin view. Sales processes cannot be archived if there are one or more open sales projects currently using it. You must delete or move all sales projects related to the process in question to another process before you can archive it.

Its good practice to archive a sales process rather than delete it, to allow you to restore it easily if required.


Once a sales process is archived, you can reactivate it by clicking on it from the list of Archived Sales Processes below the Current Sales Processes list. The Activate button will then be available in the black toolbar of the process editor itself.

  1. Click on the Activate button
  2. Click on the Publish Process button


Click on the Clone button to make an exact copy of your sales process.This is a great time saving feature if you want to create a new process, but use some of the features you have worked on in an existing process.

  1. Click on the Clone Button
  2. Give your new process a name and click save
  3. Click on the Publish Process button


Click on the export button to export a .mbp file of your sales process.This file can then be used in another instance of Membrain, or stored for later use.


The delete option is only visible if there are no sales projects associated to this process at all. Active or historical. To fully delete a sales process you must first move any sales projects to other processes or delete these sales projects. Do note that this can not be undone.