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Welcome to Membrain Go! Membrains newly designed app for use with IOS and Android smartphones.  

This document outlines the features and capabilities of Membrains Mobile App, with step by step guides on how to navigate and use this intuitive and powerful app. 


Download Membrain Go and start using the app today!

From your Android or iOS phone go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively, and search for Membrain. Once found click Download the Membrain Go app and click Install.  

Log in

To log in, type:

  • your email address (associated with your Membrain account)
  • your membrain password
    this can be seen in the address bar when you connect to Membrain via your browser: eg.
  • click Lets GO


Finding your way around Membrain Go has been designed with your busy schedule in mind. Using Swiping actions allows you to smoothly move through the app and get to where you're going quickly and precisely.  

Note: A full swipe is a swipe which starts on the edge of the screen. Other options are available to you in certain views when using a short swipe, which is narrower than a full swipe and starts closer to the center of the screen. 

Centre Icons 

The top row icons bring you to your calendar, notifications and email. These are easily accessible and interchangeable by either clicking directly on them or by fully swiping left or right.



Center - Notifications: The first screen you see once you open Membrain Go shows you a brief agenda under the headings Recent Appointments, Coming Up Next and Tomorrow.  

Scrolling down you see notifications from the Notification Centre. A short swipe left gives you the option to dismiss the alert and Remind You Tomorrow.  A short swipe right will Dismiss the alert fully.

Left - Calendar: A swipe to the right brings to your Sales Calendar in a work week view. Here you see all of your appointments with the color codes your familiar with in Membrain Desktop. You can view, edit, reschedule and delete appointments by clicking into the appointment itself, or click on the + icon right from this view to create a new appointment.

Use the < and > arrows up the top to move through the weeks in your calendar, or simply short swipe left or right.

Right - Sales Inbox: A swipe to the left and you find all of your emails, color coded and organised as they are in Membrain Desktop Sales Inbox. Emails are prioritized for easy management, showing Sales Project Emails at the top, Prospecting emails next and then all other emails below. Short swipe left to quickly Reply to an email, or short swipe right to delete.  
Note: deleted emails can be found in your deleted items folder of your email client. 

Left Menu

Clicking on the menu to the left brings you to some more options, where you can view and edit Sales Projects, Prospects, My Stats, or Logout.

Sales Projects

Overview: From this view you can see all of your Sales Projects you are currently managing. Laid out Stage by Stage, you can swipe horizontally and vertically to see your projects, listed in order of their priority. Or a quick search in the top right corner brings you straight to a specific sales project. 


Details: To see more details about a Sales Project, click on the project name itself on the project card.  From here you can see all the important information you are used to with Membrain for Desktop. Edit any information which has a dotted underline, or click on a blue hyperlink to jump to additional information. See what your next step in the process is, and click into it to complete the step.  

Additional Info: Scroll down to see the equivalent of the 3 boxes below your process, the What, Who and Why of your project. Clicking on the + or - beside them will expand your view, where you can add, edit any information or add a stakeholder. From here you can also see the complete Story Stream for the project.   

Features: Use the top icons from within a Sales Project to Create a Note, Add an Appointment, Create a Follow Up Task, Send an email, or even make a phone call to a listed Stakeholder. 


Overview: From this view you can see all of the Prospects you are managing, listed in order of their priority. Or a quick search in the top right corner brings you straight to a specific Prospect. Click on the + icon to create a new Prospect.


Details: To see more details about a Prospect, click on the prospect name itself on the prospect card.  From here you can see all of the details about the prospect, including a quick link to the company and contact information.

Additional Info: Scroll down to see the Qualifier questions relating to this prospect and the Story Stream.  Clicking on the + or - beside these options will expand your view, where you can select options for your qualifying questions and add or edit information about your prospect.   

Features: Use the top icons from within a Prospect Card to Create a Note, Add an Appointment, Create a Follow Up Task, Send an email, or even make a phone call to a Prospect.   

My stats

From the My Stats view you can see a complete overview of how healthy your sales pipeline is, and how you are performing against your goals.  

Your Activity Metrics and shown here and updated daily to show you how you're reaching your activity goals for the week.


Global Search

Use the Search icon in the top right to search for Companies, Contacts, Sales Projects or Prospects. You can also search by email address, phone number etc.

This is also a great place to create new Contacts or Prospects, after searching if they already exist.  Once you've searched for, and not found what you're looking for, click on the +NEW option to the right to create a new record.