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Email Templates

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We understand that when you have multiple contacts and you need to send out emails with the same content, it helps to have access to a template which makes it more effective to complete this task.

That is why we have added the email Template feature to facilitate your workflow


To create a template: 
- Click on the Membrain Menu logo
- Click Admin
- to the bottom left hand corner choose Email Templates
- Click  "New Email Template" and create your template

Personalise or add attachment using either of the buttons in the lower left-hand side of the dialog.

In the bar under the word "Body" you will find the buttons to configure your template.

Note: the subject you choose will also appear in the displayed subject field of the email you are sending with this template.
You can also choose to make this template "available" to you only(Me) or everyone in the upper right corner.

When you are satisfied Click save.


HTML Editing:

Should you wish to add images or graphical elements directly inside of Membrain, this can be achieved if you enter <HTML edit mode>. to do this click on the symbol "<>" in the editor bar of this dialog.
If you have any images available on a web server you can use the html mode to link to them and make them appear inside of the email itself.


Do you feel you need more help on this subject, feel free to contact us at we will be happy to assist.