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Starring important information

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Using Stars in Membrain is a very useful and easy way to highlight specific information for each of your Companies or Contacts in Membrain. 

Starring an important piece of information in this way, allows you to view it in the hover box of any Company or Contact in the prospect views, sales project views, the story stream or well... from anywhere! 

Once you see a Company name or Contact name in blue text, simply hover over it to see a quick information box, such as below:

You can also edit Starred information right from this box too, just click to edit.


How to Star a custom field:

Membrain Admins can star information from the Custom Field Management page:

Main Membrain Icon - Admin - Custom Fields - Company/Contacts

Find the custom field you would like to have visible in the hover box

Click on the Star icon to the left, and note that the star has turned orange, indicating that this has been starred.

You can UnStar custom fields simply by clicking on the star to change it back to a neutral color 


Examples of use: 

Example 1

Want to see how who you've established a good level of trust with? Add a custom field for options like "Just Another Vendor", "Providing Insight", "Trusted Advisor" and Star it!  

Example 2

Want to quickly be able to see which Industry a company is in?  Add a custom field for options like "Financial", "Manufacturing", "Marketing" etc and Star it.  

Example 3
If you are working with an external application that gives you a link you can visit, you can star that website address.  Star the link custom field to access the site