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Using filters in Membrain allows you the possibility to see from which Prospecting Campaign a Sales Project came from or even filter on companies with Non existing Prospects.

Filters are mainly used throughout the product to specify your search within your data.

This also grants the ability to use this filter when exporting data to an excel file by choosing the "from which campaign" in the export list of suggestions.
You can also filter on sales projects from all processes or a specific Campaign in the Win/Loss analysis view.

Create a new filter:

- Go to the Membrain menu logo

- Click Companies & Contacts

- Choose the Contacts tab you desire

- Click up the filter selector found in the header of that view

- Click "create new filter"

Here you have the possibility to be more specific on what you would like to "Filter"

To add parameters, or "search criteria" to that filter

- Click "Add Search Criteria" you will now have a list of options

A bit further down the list of all the Contact criteria you will also find the information for companies in that list.

- Select the company: prefixed field you want to filter on

- Choose and click save the filter.


Use filter in Companies tab

Follow the steps above and create a new filter, add search criteria "Has No Prospect" and choose the campaigns in which you would like to apply this filter, you can now use this filter in the companies list to view those companies without prospects attached.


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