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Create and manage Companies

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Creating and maintaining a solid database of companies you deal with is easy with Membrain.  There are a number of places you can create a new company, outlined below.


1. Global Search
In the global search bar ("Search in Membrain" in grey text), enter the name of a company you wish to create. If it doesn't already exist in the list returned, click on +New Company option (blue text) Note: this is a great way to check for duplicates before you create a new Company.

2. Companies and Contacts

  • Main Membrain Icon - Companies and Contacts
  • Select the Companies Tab.
  • Click on the New Company button in the black toolbar
  • Enter the information required - Company Name and Account manager (optional)
  • You are brought straight to the Company Card where you can update the relevant information for the company. 


To delete a company, complete the following steps:


  1. Go to the company you would like to delete
  2. Click on the More option in the black toolbar
  3. Click Delete 

    Note: This company's record will no longer be visible from the Companies and Contacts list. 




You can also restore a company which may have been deleted by mistake in 2 ways.

If there are any current or historical Sales Projects or Prospects related to this company, they will still be visible here. Click on the company name and click on the Restore button on the right.

An administrator can restore it from the Deleted Items.  

Main Membrain Icon - Admin - System Tab - Advanced sub menu - Deleted items

  1. Here you will see a list of all items deleted
  2. Find the Company in question
  3. Click into it and Click on the Restore button 

The Company will be restored to its original place





You can also merge two companies together, if duplicates have been created.  To learn more about this feature, click here LINK