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Company View

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In this article, we will go through the information that is found on a Company view.

How to find Company information

To locate a company, use the Global Search box which is found in the top right of every view of Membrain, with the words "Search in Membrain" in grey. Start typing a name and you will see a list of options appear, including Companies, Contacts, Sales Project and Prospects. You can either choose from this list or hit enter to see a full list where you can see more options and select the company you are looking for.

Or navigate to a company via Main Membrain Icon - Companies & Contacts - Companies tab. Scroll to find the company in question or use the search box in the black toolbar.

You can also click into a company card from other areas of Membrain where you see a company name highlighted in blue font.  For example, from a Sales Project, Prospect or a Contact Card.


Company Information

At the top of the company card, a number of fields are visible:

  • Name of the Company
  • Phone number, Mobile Phone, Email Address
  • Social media links (Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook)
  • Account Manager to the right shows you who has been assigned to this Company as the Account manager.

Sales Project/Prospect information

In the main body of the Company Card you will see any Sales Projects or Prospects related to this company.  If the company is or has been part of a prospecting campaign this will be shown beside the binoculars icon and if there are any Sales Projects, this will be shown beside brown or green leather wallets. Both are broken down between Current and Historical projects.

Further Company Information

Below this you see information about the company itself including:

  • General fields such as Country, Territory, External Identifier 
  • Custom fields - these are fields you have created specifically to suit your companies requirements, such as Competition, Revenue or Main Industry. To learn more about Custom Fields, read this article here: Creating and Managing Custom Fields


To the right of the Company card you will see labels that have been applied to this company.  You can edit the labels assigned to the company, right from this view.  To learn more about labels, follow this link: Using Labels with Companies Contacts

Below labels, you will see the Company Hierarchy.


Under labels is a Notes field.  The notes field is designed to record information specifically related to the Company only, such as a planned expansion, or a change in address.


And below the Notes field is the Company Address information. Here you can store multiple addresses for one company.

Activity Stream

At the bottom of the company card, you find the Activity Stream. This is a record of all past and future events that are related to the company, in chronological order.

Here you can read sent emails, review notes, find upcoming appointments or tasks.  And even comment on activities and mention your colleagues to notify them of your comment. Learn more about this functionality here: Creating Activities

There are options available at the top of the activity stream which allow you to sort, filter and even search through the story stream, if you're looking for a particular document or email.  



To the right of the Activity Stream, is a list of all Contacts related to this company. Here you can also add a contact to a company. For more information on Contacts, click here: Managing Contacts


Tools and Functionality

In the tool bar at the top of the page, a couple of quick options are available, including:

New Prospect - allows you to add the company to a prospecting campaign

New Sales Project - create a new sales project for this company from this view. You can also delete the contact.

New Contact - add a new contact to the company

Organisational Chart - Create or view an existing Organisational Chart

More - There are more options available here where you can Merge companies, Upload a document or export tasks, including more.

To learn more about merging duplicate companies click here: Merge duplicate Companies or Contacts